This weekend was met with some surprising news. The Safehouse is closed. This is a place that was a major part of my social network in my 20’s, this was of course before computers did our social networking for us.

On Saturday at 1:10 PM, the following message was posted to the Safehouse Facebook Page.

Dear Safehouse fans:
It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closing of Safehouse. This decision is the hardest to make, and harder to announce, but it was ultimately forced. The ultimate reasons shall remain private for the sakes of all involved. If you see one of us out in public, please don’t ask us for details. We will not give them to you. You can be completely sure that the employees of safehouse are all as bummed as you. Not only did we lose a cool place to hang out, we lost the coolest place to work. I wish I could say there was a silver lining, or a rainbow, but I can not.

That being said, Safehouse would like to thank you for 15 years of awesome times, kickass cofffee, good jokes, and lots of fun. Safehouse could not have made it past year one without the awesome customers we’ve come to know and love. You are what made Safehouse what it is.

While I have moved passed that time in my life, I still feel that tinge of regret that I didn’t have the opportunity to have one more Tarheel for old time’s sake, and sit in one of those horribly uncomfortable booths, and remember all the good times that were shared there. Indeed, I met some awesome people there, fell in love and had my heart broken several times there, had amazing and ridiculous conversations, and generally grew up there. I also met some not-so-awesome people there and if there is one thing Safehouse taught me, it was not to trust anyone.

That said, I have to admit that I’m quite sad that Safehouse had to close it’s doors the way it did. And with other Tucson establishments also closing for one reason or another, it sure seems like we are witnessing a transition in Tucson, and the end of an Era.

I feel like this transition began way back when the Coffee Etc. stores closed, which was caused, in part, by the smoking ban in Tucson. Then many of the bars that I had frequented downtown went out of business, largely due to all the construction and renovation that was (and still is) occurring downtown. Then this year saw many Tucson legends collapse, including Grill, Wildcat house, Zachary’s, Cactus Moon, and now Safehouse.

Tucson is becoming a modern city, and has been trying to shed that dated feeling that is has. That feeling that time somehow moves slower here than it does everywhere else. That feeling of space, and warmth, and individuality. Essentially Tucson is shedding it’s soul. And in the process we are replacing home grown establishments with national chains that can do it cleaner, better, and cheaper than everyone else.

But I still think the coffee was always better at the Safehouse, and it will be missed.