So, a few months ago a buddy, who isn’t a gamer, asked me what three games I would take with on a deserted island. I looked at him and honestly couldn’t answer. But now, I have my answer. The three games are as follows, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Animal Crossing and Little Big Planet.

The first game Skyrim was chosen due to the fact that it is such a massive and immense game that would take well over eighty hours to complete. I have already beaten the main quest, but I’m yet to join any of the guilds or brotherhoods yet. Which means many hours of play underneath a palm tree while sitting next to Wilson. The main reason I would bring this game though is due to the fact that Bethesda programmed the game to never end, there will always be quests created by this program which makes the game unbeatable, and very useful all alone on a deserted island.

Another game that never seems to end is Animal Crossing, which is just as useful as Skyrim. I know that there will always weeds that need pulling or something for me to do for Tom Nook and his monopoly of a store. Plus, it keeps a record of the time and date, something that would be very useful on an island, seeing that I never wear a watch.

And the final game I have honestly never played. I own a copy but have yet to bust it out. However I have heard a lot about the title. I hear that you can make your own levels for little Sackboy, making this game also unbeatable. Think about it, stuck on an island, make some levels when you first got stranded, years pass, then you get to play what you made with no recollection of what the level design was. I have heard that the campaign is very short in this game though, that is the only drawback to this choice, but creating my own levels is well worth the chance.

I think that I will enjoy my years of solitude on an island with my Nord, Sackboy and my oddly shaped Animal Crossing character.  Throw Megan Fox or Katy Perry into the mix, and I think I’d be a pretty happy camper!

Maybe in years to come this may change, but as of right now I’m carrying these three games and systems with me every time I travel!