What does one think when they hear the name Duke Nukem?  Some think old and not for the current generation of gaming, some think sexist and offensive, some even think that Gearbox wasted their time and talent bringing Duke to us this decade.  I disagree with all of that, well except for the sexism and offensiveness, for without that Duke just wouldn’t be Duke.

Now I do have one caveat for our dear reader, I did not purchase this game at full retail price and that may have some sway on my current disposition for this title.  Had I paid the original sixty dollar price tag I may have been a bit miffed.  However I paid a nice bargain price off of one of my favorite Internet purveyors, so I can’t complain there.

The graphics are nice and welcome Duke in the current generation of gaming with a bang, sure he looks a bit rubbery at time, but that’s most likely the steroids. Gearbox could have spent more time on the backgrounds and the vehicles since they look kind of bland.  However the enemies look great, and so do all the females you encounter.

Load times did upset me from time to time.  After you die you have a good 30 to 40 seconds of wait time before you get back into the action.  So have your phone ready so you can text someone or check your facebook.  Or just get really good at the game so you don’t have to lose precious minutes from your life.

The humor is what really sold me on this game.  Had it not been extremely funny to that 13 year old trapped in my body I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.  But the dick and fart jokes get me every time and I love a good satire on current gaming as well. Duke goes after Master Chief and Valve, it made me giggle.

There really isn’t too much re-playability in this title and the multi-player isn’t a gem either.  Basically you’re getting this game for the campaign and the nostalgia of Duke being brought back from the dead.  In my humble opinion, I would not have paid the sixty bucks for this title, but as a bargain bin title under thirty it is definitely worth your money.  I’m excited to see what Randy and company have in store for Duke,the world of Pandora and some Colonial Marines.