To whom it may concern,

For the past three years I have enjoyed the antics of Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj in Pasadena.  I related to their Halo Nights, to trips to the comic book store, to going to the Renaissance Festival, those are all things I do or have done.  Now four years into the series, I see that you are straying away from the nerd in the show about nerds.

Why are you doing this? Finally after years of mistreatment and scorn nerds had a show to call their own.  The nerds were the hero, and Sheldon was our king.  You were even nice enough to give Leonard a hot girlfriend for a year, which gave some of us nerds hope.  But now, Leonard, Howard and even Sheldon have women in their lives, and the show is no longer reaching the fanbase that loved the show and made it successful.

I ask you, where did the comic book store go? The kite flying trips? Musings about Comic Con? They’re all gone now. Pushed aside for girls trips to the bathroom, double dates, and gossip.  I find myself no longer laughing as much as I use to, so i turn to my DVD’s of the first three seasons, which I refer to as, “good old days.”

Please tell me that this is a just a phase, and soon the boys will be playing Halo, and Wii Bowling, and flying kites, and pining over women once again. That’s what made the show great. Not Raj’s sister keeping Leonard from doing what he wants. Or girls trips to the shoe store. That is just not funny, it pales in comparison to the arguments over who would make a better Batman II, Dick Grayson or Jason Todd.

Please give us our show back. There are plenty of relationship shows I already don’t watch, please don’t make Big Bang Theory one of them.


Jerry Dobracki (Proud nerd!)