Years ago Sunday nights at Che’s lounge was a regular occurrence.   We affectionately referred to these off nights out at the bar as “church” and considering the large amounts of liquor consumed at these events it very well could have been considered a religious experience.  But, every week we were greeted by Lindy at the door and despite his size and numerous tattoos he always had a genuine and welcoming demeanor.  I was very pleased when he opened his burger joint, Lindy’s on 4th, and still go there often because he really does offer the best burger on the Avenue, and has been featured on Man vs. Food, not to mention giving Grill a run for their money on the best tots in Tucson.

Last night I discovered that Lindy has done it again with his new endeavor, Lindy’s at Red Line.  This new restaurant/night club is located at 445 W. Wetmore Rd., Tucson, Arizona, 85705, where the Pearl night club used to reside. I had been there a few times and I always felt like it took itself a bit too seriously with it’s dress code and cheap “chic” decor it really wanted you to believe you were in Las Vegas.  Not to mention that it always seemed to attract some questionable characters since it was a predominately hip-hop club.  A shooting last year put that club out of business and paved the way for Lindy’s at Red Line to be created.  Where Pearl was stuffy and up tight, Red Line is slick and casual. The motif of Hot Rods and Motorcycles is refreshing and fun.  I always thought the building lent itself well to a very comfortable night club experience, and they have capitalized on this by providing plenty of room in the dining area without making people who are there just to drink feel out of place.


The night club area, “RPM” is a perfect venue for local bands, and on Thursday nights they feature the band 80’s and Gentlemen. If you have not seen these guys play they are well worth the trip.  If you’ve ever seen Metalhead play, you’ll really appreciate this band. They used to call themselves the Mockingbirds, however the only existing member from that band is the bassist.  But while Metalhead focuses on the glam-rock songs of the 80’s, these guys cover popular songs from the New Wave movement, including everything from Madonna to Pat Benatar.  This is made possible by their gorgeous lead singer, Julia Star, who just simply wails, nailing every song with deadly precision. To top it off the band’s drummer and guitarist rock the house with pounding 80’s rhythms and smoking guitar solos.  This band brings out everything that is fun about 80’s music.

Overall Thursdays at Lindy’s at Red Line is simply fabulous in all respects.  Since I was there to see a band play I did not try to food, but I will definitely be back to see what Lindy has come up with for this great location.