Welcome to the Ghetto Gourmet portion of Caffeine Slut, wherein I will attempt to re-live my bachelor years vicariously by revealing opuses of culinary mastery, well-suited for the nightlife and budget minded gentry of the town that I like to affectionately refer to as “The Baked Apple”. As this is a Tucson oriented Blog the first recipe entry must be Tucson’s one and only signature dish, so if you like Sonoran Dogs, I mean if you really like Sonoran Dogs… I digress and humbly present to you, kind desert dwellers….

Culinary Blasphemy:

Sonoran Dogs: They are blasphemy because you wrap God’s all beef dog in bacon:

1 pack Hebrew National Hot Dogs
1 pack Maple Bacon
1 Can of pinto beans
7 large hot dog buns, freshly baked if you can find big fluffy ones.
Mrs. Renfro’s green jalapeno salsa hot
1 small can of mushrooms
Shredded montery jack, cheddar, or queso fresco
Mexican green onions, or regular ones if ya cant find the fatties

I wrap my Hebrew nats with one slice of bacon each, no need for toothpicks.
I grill em over a low mesquite fire in my weber.
Grill your green onions till they are slightly charry while you’re at it.
Cook dogs until they are the color of cooked bacon, a nice meaty shell will have formed.
Open your big fluffy dog buns, stuff with a small layer of shredded cheese
Rinse and drain your pintos and shrooms.

Condiment Methods:

Classic: Cheese, beans,mushrooms, mustard, mayo, jalapeno salsa.

The Jesus Arenstein: Cheese, beans (light), ketchup, jalapeno salsa

Squeeze a lime and a shake of kosher salt over the charred green onions and eat em like fries alongside yer dog.

Juan Epstein is this recipe’s spirit animal.