And it looks like Wizards has finally revealed their September 2011 set, code-named “Shake,” the first set of the new block is called Innistrad.


I don’t know about you guys but that artwork is hot! I’m thinking that’s Liliana Vess… which means a new sweet planeswalker with better abilities and a much sexier picture.  I’ve read conjecture that this new set is a return to the Ravnica block, only darker, which sounds good to me since I missed out on playing Magic during that time.  At first glance this looks like it’s right out of the Ravenloft campain setting.  I’m probably reading too much into this, but it does have the name of the previous lord of Ravenloft embeded in the name of the set.  InniStrahd Von Zarovich?Probably not.  Either way we can surly expect more sweet Vampire creatures in this set and probably in M12 as well.

But perhaps the most exciting part of this news is that Richard Garfield, the original creator of the game, is on the design team!!  That means that we should see some really sweet limited play, as well as interesting and fun constructed interactions.  I am really looking forward to this set, and actually, I don’t even care who wins the current conflict between the Mirans and the Phyrexians, lets just get it over with and get the last set in this block over with, and get M12 out of the way, so that we can finally crack those Innistrad packs open!!